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Welcome to Japan,

Welcome to Tokyo Grill

To us, dining experience is not just about good food. Good food is a must, but the ambiance, service, and everyone's overall feelings when dining in are the things that build a wonderful time.

We want to bring beautiful things that we have in Japan for you. Imagine yourself, walking in the busy street of Toronto, get to escape to our small shop and enjoy all the goodness that all Japanese love.


Perati Komson /

ようこそ! / YOKOSO! / WELCOME!

One Spoon at a Time


From Our Happy Customers

Gold is in the detail. Each dish is carefully and lovingly cooked just like at home. 

Each dish is uniquely crafted for you, all those attention to details, just for you.


So please relax, feel at home, eat well, and we'll

see you soon! 



Yoshihara Miki - Food Blogger

"For a second I was shocked because the food I ordered tasted exactly like my Mom's cooking when I was a kid. Brought me back to my hometown in Japan, so nostalgic."


Marcus Kan - Toronto Designers Market Owner/Foodie

“I love Tokyo Grill and I am very happy that they open their new location in North York! If you haven't tried their food yet, please do. My favourite dish is their Negi Tanshio, so so so delicious!"


Yuichiro Yanagisako - Food Fighter/Yoga Instructor

"Food here is very cheap and delicious! So happy to find a place that reminds me of home. I usually have their katsu curry rice, double katsu! haha.. Namaste."

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